Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Jordan James Parke.

Jordan James has been circling the media for a while now. I find his story in some way inspiring.

Jordan has been in the media for his spending on plastic & cosmetic surgery. When your in the media for being different everyone will jump on the band-wagon with their opinions which they are entitled to have.

However the UK push for equality. Preventing homophobia and bullying. Pushing for people to be unique and be themselves.

Well... this is what Jordan is doing and i completely respect his decisions with his surgery.  Yes he does look different and yes it isn't something everyone does but guess what? He paid to be different. Its how he chooses to spend money.

I waited all day for his interview from This Morning on ITV to be uploaded online. The interview made me understand so much more in his choices.

Kim Kardashian is his idol, he knows he doesn't look like her. He is INSPIRED. We all have someone that inspires us whether its the way we dress, speak, act or live.

Personally i love his life-style and his personality and we would have a great night out. A lot of the negative comments are coming from people that i feel are jealous, I'm not talking about the surgery but about the life-style.. i mean he does carry several Hermes Birkins. Everyone loves a Birkin... if you don't? your a lier!

I wish Jordan all the best luck in the future. And i hope i get the chance to meet him. People need to remember that everyone can choose what to do with their lives and the paths they wish to take. Worry about yourself before you worry about others.

p.s I am sure he used to work in Selfridges Trafford Centre at the same time i did.. Jordan if you read this hola at me I'm in Oxford St London store now.

T H A N K Y OU    F O R    R E A D I N G 

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