Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Paddington Bear @ Selfridges

So last year i posted about Selfridges &Co window displays for 2013. They change them year on year and any visitors that go to Oxford St lay their attention on them. The windows include a lot of imagination and creativity. The merchandising team do well year on year.

Paddington bear originates from Selfridges &Co? .. Years ago a man who worked for the BBC was shopping on Oxford St. He walked into Selfridges and noticed this last bear sitting on the shelf. He bought it. He got a black cab to Paddington station to go home for Christmas... and the story was created. Now we have Paddington bear. Selfridges have various products and merchandise available in store based on the bear. 

As a fellow employee of the store we get a tour every year so we are aware of the stories behind the windows. Products included. Secrets.

The main theme this year is Fairy tail / stories & Forest dreams. So as you can see from the images above we have the unicorn & gingerbread house. Each window has a different style and showcases various products. The products range from food, clothing, accessories and shoes. Year on year they include the products within particular window themes.

My favourite window was the golden web. This year selfridges wanted to focus on GOLD products. Selfridges had products EXCLUSIVE to the store & company. Givenchy provide various clothing products for this years christmas gold special. Why gold? Its warming, expensive, luxurious. Everything Selfridges likes to be a part of.

Within this display they had the EXCLUSIVE gold glitter Charlotte Olympia stiletto. I just loved how the window display had the large gold web and then the small signature web on the sole of the shoe. Other windows also included a life size gold taxi black cab and a paddington bear. (below)

 < I want to bring your attention to the bright covering thats located at the bottom of the windows.
Guessed what it is? Its actually REAL MOSS.

The colourful moss was grown for Selfridges and for the christmas windows for 2014. If you visit before christmas or over the christmas period.. check out the moss in the windows, its all real and was grown just for the windows.

Pink, green, orange and even yellow.

If your stuck with what to purchase someone for christmas and you want it to be special? A loved one? A foodie? Selfridges have these great hampers which have various products and various sizes.

You can always check online Selfridges.com
Don't worry I'm not promoting anything for the company. The hampers are just truly spectacular. 

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas & New Year.


Hope you enjoyed this festive post.

T H A N K Y O U     Y O U     F O R    R E A D I N G
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