Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Its well known that brits are known for their love of everything TEA! I am completely guilty, i have so much love for standard english breakfast tea its untrue and i can confirm i have consumed up to 15 cups in one day. #CRAY

I am now trying to widen my taste-buds and allow them to indulge in different flavours & textures whether it be food or drink. (Olives & Prawns are a NO NO!) 

When receiving information about BistroTea and their innovative Tea pod i was very intrigued as it was involving green tea which i have tried plenty of times in the past an i just haven't been able to enjoy it so i had some samples sent to me via post. The day they arrived was a great day as i also received an order that i had placed with ASOS which is always a positive package... but back to TEA.

I was sent to Tea pods which i was very grateful for one was standard Green Tea with ginger, and the other was a Honey Herb Tea. They were both amazing the honey tea was nice and sweet and easy to drink and actually has helped me with my sore throat that i've had this past week, today i went for the green tea and i LOVED it.. i think the hint of ginger made the experience more enjoyable for me. 

The pods are really easy to use and as a student was great as you don't need a spoon the pod acts as a spoon and you can stir whilst infusing more flavour into your tea. You basically just pour the hot water from the kettle over the pod and stir and leave for 5minutes to ensure your tea has the best flavour. 

The pods are in a foil like material and are preserved in a paper pouch which keeps the flavour and contents inside securely and also is ideal for traveling and taking them on the go whether to work, education or day to day runs. 

Overall i am extremely happy with this product and for those of you who cant get into green tea or any other herbal tea then i really do suggest either purchasing some pods or enter the competition below with the chance to win a years supply! 

By clicking the link below you can obtain 15% off your purchase online when buying the pods or other products which would be a great gift for mothers day!

There is also a competition for you TEA LOVERS by clicking the link below.. giving you the chance to win a years supply of TEA!!

*   T H A N K Y O U     F O R     R E A D I N G  *


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