Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mulberry ... #Mulberrylove

As of yet i haven't had the LFW experience which would be amazing.. however i wouldn't have been able to make it over this weekend.  This does not stop me browsing the brands collections when i have time and Mulberry is looking amazing!!

For those who may have not seen some of the collection look below..

I think Cara Delevigne is a GREAT face for Mulberry as she is a British model and Mulberry is a British brand which works very well but also i think in my personal opinion that this is Cara's prime time and over the past year or so has really been in the spotlight for her work more than any other! 
She also shows the collection really well and i think the innocent look that is being portrayed above is very warming.

So here are some of the new pieces to join Mulberry's standard collection as they always have their standard Bayswater & Piccadilly handbags. 

My favourite newbies has to be the bayswater style rucksack in the petrol blue and the quilted leather, and also the camouflage leather rucksack & across body bag. 

Overall impressive collection featuring a lot of practical looks and camouflage print! BUT i am not a fan of the off pink studded bags which are shown above, sorry to say it but i think they look fairly cheap! 

T H A N K Y O U    F O R   R E A D I N G 

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