Monday, 20 January 2014


My first post for 2014, i have been so busy over christmas and moving and travelling to and from London to Manchester visiting family & friends and going to and from university.. its hard to find spare time and when  i do find my spare time i go out which will always involve alcohol and shopping.. it helps life. (Im sure you will all agree) 

This Post today is just a short post with a couple of images of my favourite NEW pieces that are hitting Zara stores & online! 

Abstract clothing is continuing to make a return and although most of it in the high-street is not my style this t-shirt is definitely something i would & could wear and this would go perfect with a pair of black denim jeans or even like black chino shorts for all you holiday makers that are looking for day or night outfits this would work perfectly and would go great with a tan! 

This scarf caught my eye for obvious reasons that its such a bright yellow. I have a knitted scarf which is more of a mustard yellow but it goes great with a lot of my day time outfits as it just adds a bit of colour to the cold weather. The reason my attention is on this scarf is because its such a light material it would be great for the spring time when the daffodils start to bloom, the sun is warmer but you still have a crisp breeze. 

I have quite a few accessories for a guy but i do like to change them for certain things whether it be for work, uni or just a day out shopping. This tote bag on the Zara website caught my eye as i don't actually have a bag which is in a tote style. so maybe that is my excuse to buy? 

Knitted jumpers have been my thing during the run up to winter and during winter as they are great to just wear with jeans & trousers and i love this beautiful bright red jumper and that they have matched it with a dark pair of jeans which is another clothing item i'm all about, DARK DENIM is the way forward! I will continue to buy Knitted jumpers in the run up to summer as they can then be stored for next winter! (It will be here before we know it) 

BEST TILL LAST! ... The winter coat i have used this winter (here) is a very long body coat and it definitely does the job but for the months coming up to spring a shorter coat is definitely more ideal not only is the length great but the detail, style and cut is GORGEOUS! I WANT IT!! .. i wouldn't be surprised if i buy this sometime soon. who knows? 


Below let me know what you think, Which is your favourite? ...& HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
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