Thursday, 23 January 2014

Selfridges&Co Menswear Favourites

S E L F R I D G E S & CO  

I am really enjoying posting up my favourites from various designers & companies from their online websites as it means that i can not only enjoy finding my favourites but its also an excuse to be online shopping (when i have money)

So as you have probably guessed i have had a good browse through the menswear collections that are showcased on their website, the good thing about the website is it shows everything thats located in every store for those who are not located to the Oxford St store as this store tends to have the majority.


Maison Martin Margiela is a brand that i have never really looked at but since today and having a browse on the Selfridges website i am well and truly sold and inspired. This amazingly structured and cut jacket has really caught my eye and i love how it has the two shades of grey and paired with a white shirt and dark trousers.. i love the style of the short cut collar and how the body of the jacket is cropped. 


Moving on from the jacket i have found yet ANOTHER lime green/ yellow jumper, this is also by Maison Martin Margiela i love the colour of this jumper as those who have read my previous posts this week you know i'm a lover for lime! unfortunately one thing i would love to change about this thin jumper is the elbow pads that come with it, if it wasn't for those i would be all for it but for now its just the colour thats pleasing me.

K  E  N  Z  O

On to KENZO, this brand is really starting to catch my attention with their KENZO jumpers already being on my wish list for 2014... preferably in the dark/sky blue. This shirt is right up my street, i love how its a dark subtle navy shirt with the eye catching white and blue stripes, although the price maybe a little high this shirt would be great for nights out in town or a delicious meal... the stripes are a great excuse for those who don't like tucking their shirts in.

JUMPERS .. i've already explained how important jumpers have been to me in 2013! They are just super easy to work with and just match them up with a pair of trousers and your good to go. This jumper isn't exactly the one i want HOWEVER it is still stunning, i wouldn't mind having all of their jumpers but unfortunately the bank wont allow it! I love the detail placed inside the letters of the logo, simple yet stunning..
Ive also already explained if you follow my blog that i have booked a holiday for the summer and its vital that you do start looking for holiday clothes as soon as possible because before you know it , its all been sold out and the winter stuff is being put in place! Kenzo t-shirts are also my new love and i'm definitely going to be looking at buying a few for my Holiday!



Yes i love jumpers, the style to this McQueen jumper is exquisite the detail to me makes it look like it has lace for each individual section, personally i probably couldn't pull this huge print off but i would try and i would match it up with white trousers as it is above.. but this had to be in my favourites as the print makes it an all round winner!


Accessories are always needed and one possible look for this belt i would took the McQueen jumper into a pair of black skinny fit trousers and have it roughly tucked and then i would wear this beautiful Python McQueen belt and i would fold up the end of the trousers and wear it with the detailed McQueen loafers below.


So if you have read the section above you may either agree with the outfit style, you may not but that is personally what i would do and i think it would look ideal and add a great edge to the look. These skull printed shoes are also in my favourites as its very similar detail to the jumper above! They have a great style and i love how the skill is placed within all the detail and makes it a more simple effect.


This McQueen jumper is in my favourites for once again the ATTENTION TO DETAIL, thats what i'm all about, fashion isn't just fashion without the art and the concept behind it.

I have no words for this jumper other than utterly AMAZE.

Giuseppe Zanotti


Im not a HUGE fan of Giuseppe's but i love the detail they include into their shoes and i wouldn't mind a pear, but these Python shoes are just delicious.. with the standard side zips and gold plaque velcro bands i just love how the Python skin is complimented by the chrome zips, shine of the plaque's and the black laces, OVERALL THUMBS UP.


LASTLY, for me this is my overall favourite that is in menswear, thats just my opinion. I most certainly   LOVE this creation. I think its more to the fact i'm loving jumpers this Leopard collection by Marc Jacobs is really doing it for me and the fact i can have shorts to match makes it an all in one!!! This outfit would be great for travelling and the run up to winter before it gets too hot and you'd have to remove the jumper. For a total of £350 its a pretty expensive look but I'm so determined to work for it!

T H A N K Y O U     F O R    R E A D I N G 

A L L    I T E M S   A V A I L A B LE   A T

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