Tuesday, 21 January 2014


R A L P H     L A U R E N 

Ralph Lauren has appeared in my blog before and those who are reading it has been one of my most popular post on my blog for 2013! 

As we are now into a new year and i work with Ralph Lauren in Selfridges i love to look at their new season pieces in Mens, Women's & Childerenswear as i like to see what is carried through and in doing so i have come across some of my FAVS for their new season collection. 

My Favourites for their new arrivals in their Women's collection FIRSTLY has to be the Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag in WHITE!! so crisp and looks stunning with white trousers and pops of colour bringing a whole outfit together, i also love the citrus refreshing coloured silk long top that has been paired with it in the photo graph above. (RICKY BAG POST)

I also managed to find these 2 coloured strap/buckle heels from Ralph, firstly smaller heels are what the end of 2013 for me was all about especially when Primark show cased great shoes at great prices which had a small heel. These shoes would go just great with the white ricky bag too and also with white trousers as it is paired in the photograph. 

For the menswear i only found one product which really caught my attention but in two different colours. For some reason i am really loving safari/plush orange colours hence why the background to this blog has been changed... obsessed i know! this looks great with the white shirt contrasting underneath which is the way i would pair it. Id change the style of the trousers to skinny fit which will add more shape to the way the jumper would fit to the body. The skinny trousers i would put with it would either be black trousers or white SIMPLE ! 

Secondly the reason i love lime is because i've loved this colour ever since i saw Khloe Kardashian with her lime green Hermes Birkin! This lime green jumper would also work really well with a white shirt underneath or even a black shirt. i would also match this up with white trousers as it is above and black trousers providing the outfit with a pop of colour.

If i was to wear these jumpers i would wear a burnt orange leather hermes bracelet with silver hard wear and i would wear a silver stainless steel watch. CLASSY.

Going into kids wear which never fails to surprise me with their collection as to styles and colours it always turns out AMAZING! The Camel blazer above is a stunning jacket and would obviously be great for smarter occasions and i'm so over Christenings being all white.. bring some colour and add a blazer this would be a perfect outfit or even a page boy! SO CAYUTE! The white shirt and colour popping red tie really brings the set together and this would look great with dark denim jeans! ALWAYS LOVE DARK DENIM! 

For a more casual look and if they provide this white polo in (XL) then i am going to buy it for my trip to Cancun, Mexico as it includes a beautiful dark lime green colour which i have already explained my love for this colour, i KNOW this polo would look great with a tan! 

For girls kids wear i had two favourites, firstly the polo above when you see the purple in person its STUNNING! for some reason i love bright colours and outfits that pop and i think its because i love summer and i love outfits to look warm and holiday looking if that makes sense. 

Secondly these BEAUTIFUL but SIMPLE sandals for girls with the RL palladium and white leather is just completely stunning and would go great with a pair of denim shorts and even the purple polo t-shirt above! 

Overall Ralph Lauren has pleased me with their new arrivals and these are just a selection of my favourites and i cannot wait to see these items in person! 

T H A N K Y O U     F O R    R E A D I N G 


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