Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Next has always been part of my life when it comes to clothing as my mum firstly used to dress me in it when i was younger, however i don't think people respect next as much as they should as you can find some great fashion finds online & in store! 

Here are some of my favourites which i came across on the Next website from their Menswear Collection. 


Ok so i have a holiday booked to Cancun in Mexico for July and i'm now just spending time looking for items i would love to take away with me for those holiday looks and summer colours. The first polo T on the left with the pastel green & yellow stripes is my favourite of these three. this would look great with some dark grey chino shorts or even black shorts with a simple flip-flop or black loafer! (im all about a pair of loafers) the light yellow will really intensify your bronzed glow.

The Polo T in the middle is also a favourite mine and im obviously still not over stripes? but this would be great with a pair of denim, black, orange and white shorts so this one is a great choice as you can pair with many shorts whilst on your holidays! I love clothing items which can be worn in different looks makes it more worth the purchase.

When on holiday i like a smart look for when i go out for meals & stable drinks and this grey button up soft shirt would look great with white shorts and a black pair of loafers (un tucked) and the open collar will really add a great style to your outfit. This is definitely on my wish list for summer 2014!


Here i  have chosen some everyday wear which can be worn on days out whether this involve shopping, eating or just socialising events with friends or family! 

The first T-shirt is a great colour this pastel green is a great summer colour and i am sort of feeling pastel colours for this year. I would wear this also on holiday and this colour would really compliment your tan if you have skin that goes that beautiful bronzed colour, luckily mine does.. yay! 

Secondly i love jumpers and you always needs something comfy to wear whether your around the house, nipping to the shop or .. TRAVELLING! I would totally wear this jumper on the plane to my destination, you always need something thin but long sleeved as when your up in the air it can be so so chilly. 

Lastly simple black skinny fit trousers have been my go to item for the end of 2013 and still going now in 2014! Black skinny trousers/chinos are a great item to have especially if you have them in a denim material they provide great shape to an outfit and also add height. 


With all this talk about holidays you have to have a good pair of swimming shorts.. well more than one good pair which is why i have picked 3.

I love bright swimwear and this orange pair is a great colour and i also love the short length which also prevents having too much of a white thigh.. ( i love tanning) anyone looking to re-purchase some new and trendy swim shorts i say .. go bright.. go short.. go bronzed.  The lime green pair are brighter than what they look so this picture makes it a shame but I'm all about LIME!! I don't know how many more times i have to say it and these are also on my wish list.

BUT in all seriousness if we are talking about wish lists then these patterned shorts are definitely second place to the pastel striped Polo T i love the shape these have.. maybe its the model in the picture but i'm sure i can try and work it? The pattern and its colours make them a perfect short and the length is also giving them points.. its nice not to see the draw strings for once.


Finally onto accessories. I never used to wear wrist watches but over the past year since buying my first watch they always come to my attention and i enjoy pairing it with outfits and other accessories like belts. This watch is really classy with the black leather strap, silver hardware and a crisp white face, this is something i would consider buying as my current watch is all sterling silver and i would like something with a leather strap as a different effect. This watch would work great with both smart & casual outfits which is why it would make a good purchase.

Sunglasses are a HUGE accessory in the summer especially since celebrities are seen wearing them constantly in magazines. I have a pair of Ray ban Aviators which a perfect and provide great protection but on some days i find myself wishing i had a Paris Hilton collection, allowing me to have a varied choice of glasses to wear. Im all about trying new styles and this style would be something i would like to purchase next when choosing sunglasses.

T H A N K Y OU    F O R    R E A D I N G 

A L L    I T E M S   A V A I L A B L E    A T

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