Thursday, 31 October 2013

Selfridges Going for CHRISTMAS

Working in Selfridges is an amazing experience not only do you get to see the amazing brands but also the latest seasons and season favourites.

CHRISTMAS is fastly upon us and it wont be long till were all decorating our trees and tucking into our Christmas dinners.

Selfridges is pulling it out of the bag this year and those of you who may have walked past you will have noticed that the company is being very festive this year surrounding their famous windows with garlands which have small lights inside to add a true effect when the sun goes down as well as filling these windows with their most popular products and EXCLUSIVE  products ready to hit the store for this festive season.

The VM team of the store have done an amazing job in my opinion and the attention to detail involved as the some of the windows contain HUGE versions of popular products for the year for example Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb perfume, Beats by Dr Dre & a HUGE Louis Vuitton Bag.

Above is a clip board of just 4 of the windows. 

 It has been a very popular year for high tops this past year so Selfridges have branched out with this and have had a large scale shoe made for their window.

YSL is a beautiful brand and the great thing about this large scale clutch is that the tassel on the front sways to and from one side to the other.. bringing your eyes to the beauty of the bag which can actually be purchased in a smaller size from the brand in store.

Marc Jacobs has a lovely design on his standard dolly style shoe with the cat face on the toe cap, selfridges has also gone for the large scale which is something that continues to appear throughout their windows.

LOUIS VUITTON is one of my most favourite brands so a huge Alma Bag has been made & designed to a larger scale and speaking of Louis Vuitton they also have a huge concept which is being developed in the Selfridges store as i type!! as the Selfridges store is a very horizontal structure.. Louis Vuitton will be having their store from the Ground Floor all the way to the 4th floor in a vertical style.. you will be able to go inside Louis Vuitton and shop the world of Louis Vuitton taking their in store fitted lift and go up 4 levels of PURE LOUIS VUITTON how amazing is that? 

Here are famous buildings across London made from biscuit which i think is an extraordinary piece of food art!!

(* Disclaimer all of the products in the windows are props but most of them are available in the store apart from the small models like trees, santas & small people! *)

The interior of the store is something else as Selfridges have converted the whole of the 4th floor into the Christmas Empurium where all consumers can go to one section and pick out special edittion decorations whether they are tourist pieces or luxurious style adding a modern touch to christmas trees this year. A great thing about it being located on the 4th floor is that its located right next to the TOYSHOP for children and Kidswear clothing and i think this is a great touch and a great idea as Christmas is a magical experience for young children so as they are shopping with their parents for new clothing or parents are buying decorations for the house they are able to wander over to kidswear and pick out some great presents to make this Christmas rememberable.

As you make your way up the store up the escalators you get to see the craftsmanship that has really gone into making it a Christmas environment... just see for your self!->

If you are looking to experience Christmas before December reaches then you must visit Selfridges on Oxford Street as its like a magical world of Christmassy stuff.

For those who find Christmas shopping difficult Selfridges also have their 'Elfridges' service which is a team of staff dressed as Elf's who are willing to go around the store with you to help direct, and pic out products which best suit your needs and wants... THIS IS ALSO A FREE SERVICE!! you can book with them online which is a great opportunity for those who wish to book in advance all you need to do is go to

After writing this it has made me feel all festive.. i hope you all get the opportunity to visit Selfridges Oxford St if your in London as it has the most amazing shopping experience.
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