Sunday, 8 September 2013

H&M Favourites #AW13.

H&M have paired up with GQ Magazine as they are trying to give people fashion inspiration with a modern retro look with H&M's autumn/winter collection.

Here are my favourite looks provided on GQ website.

All of the looks that im posting today are really inspiring to me as a person. i love the colours that are included not only with the clothing but the way the colours work with the background set. 

I must say i'm loving this chunky nit polo neck jumper and how the brown wool has been paired with mustard trousers. 

In this next look i love how this outfit has been put together as they have the navy jacket, trousers & shoes which has then been broken away with the white knitted jumper which draws attention to the torso and makes the look more attractive. Chunky knitted items are my favourite this year and i will most definitely be stocking up on these come Autumn/Winter. 

As well as chunky knitted pieces i'm also falling in love with the appearance of mustard in outfit selections like this one. i love how you can tone the brightness of mustard down with a light brown piece paired with it also with a rich colour like maroon and this outfit i have chosen above does this and it looks amazing and this look would be great at parties, events & meals providing a sophisticated look. 

My FAVOURITE piece with this look is the Aztec knitted jumper as the whole outfit is is dark colour based and the white detailing brings attention once again to the torso similar to the outfit above with the white knitted jumper. 

For me the piece that makes this outfit is once again the chunky knitted jumper which also has the high roll over polo neck which brings a slimming look to the outfit as the neck area is covered with black wool.... and we all know black makes us all slimmer. 

Lastly another look i think is very sophisticated but also very casual which is great for walks, shopping or sightseeing during the colder seasons. as well as chunky knitted items i love long coats. 

The grey long coat provides a more mature look which has also been paired with a chunky knitted scarf, dark denim trousers and black shoes which contrasts with the black round neck top underneath. 

Because GQ Magazine & H&M inspired me so much with the latest images showcasing the latest product soon to be sold by H&M i thought i would go ahead and create my own set look for Autumn. 

H&M Modern Retro Look.
All these items included in my fashion set are from H&M and are all available on the website.

Autumn always includes earthy colours like mustard greens which this year i feel everyone should embrace!! 

to brighten up the look i matched it up with a pair of mustard coloured trousers as you know its my new found love. 

SUNGLASSES are still a must with this look as i like to be positive and hope for some sun in the run up to winter!! I LOVE those crisp winter mornings with the red/blue sky and frosty gardens. 

Here is these items put together as an outfit. 

So these looks are just the products that have been used in my set inspiration. 

I LOVE how the light cream belt breaks up the colours but also pairs the mustard trousers and tan shoes. 

And that is everything on my opinion with H&M's new collection, overall I'm extremely happy and i will most definitely be wanting those knitted jumpers in the photos above.

I suggest anyone looking for a stylish outfit but wishes to have a budget but still wants quality then H&M is a great place for this and i LIVE FOR IT!

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