Thursday, 22 August 2013

TOPMAN essentials..

TOPMAN is a huge retail store, offering its services in various countries. for males it is a great place to shop and find some great clothing items in the UK.
The great thing about TOPMAN is that it has various styles to please all customers so you are most likely to leave the store with some of their products another great thing they do is cater towards their student customers as most of their customers do tend to be students they have used this to their advantage and provide student DISCOUNT, for 10% off when a student card is shown at the counter.

BACK TO COLLEGE... college, school and university is approaching and this time two years ago i had to start thinking about clothing essentials for my year at college as you have to ensure you have some basic pieces which can match with various outfits so you can save money even if the basics may come to a high price when purchasing, you know you can get various looks from the items so therefore will save you money buying new outfits for everyday use.

These items are all great basics to have through college.
Jeans- denim jeans are a must to everyones wardrobe from students to full time workers as a great pair of denim jeans can last you a long time and also be worn for smart and casual events depending on whats put with them. Ive chosen a skinny denim jean as this is in style at the moment and skinny fit allows you to use them for smart and casual occasions.
Shoes- converse are great shoes and especially when they are a basic washed out white as they can be worn with chinos, various denim colours and can be very versatile which will allow you to save money as you wont need to purchase different coloured shoes.
Jacket- plain jackets like the red one i have chosen are a must as they can be used in spring and Autumn and also layered in the winter season, this jacket goes great with the outfit as it splits up the navy colour and the converse also include a red stripe so it will help bring it out.
T-shirt- Tie-Dye is a must as it is a very popular occurrence at the festivals this year in the UK and at £20 this is a great piece for a year at college an will break out the navy and  bring some freshness with the floral look to the outfit.
Bag- The tan leather bag is a great piece and WILL go with every outfit you would choose to go to college/university in, an a leather bag is a great piece because it will tend to last you longer due to the quality.
I Then decided to look at TOPMANS NEW ARRIVALS and the formal collection was doing it for me so here is an outfit look i have put together which would be great for smart/casual events like parties, interviews, meetings or a night out in town.

TOPMAN has some great products for its Autumn/ Winter collection and when going to an event where you wish to dress smart/casual then i believe these items are great pieces to have.
Blazer- Blazers are a great way of turning an outfit into a smart look, and going with the cream stone washed blazer i believe is a nice look as it isn't too heavy or wintry and will go well with the other items i have included when comparing it with the shoes.
Shoes- the brogue shoes will go great with the blazer as it is broken up with the denim jeans and white shirt, these shoes will also go with other outfits so they are a great piece to have.
Jeans- I will ALWAYS say denim jeans are a great piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe and personally for me i love dark washed denim as they are great for casual and smart events and definitely with this outfit i felt like a dark denim would be more suitable.
Shirt- A white shirt goes with everything whether your going to work, parties, meetings and interviews an it just adds a fresh clean look and it really breaks out the denim and camel blazer to make them stand out.
Tie- I wouldn't normally choose a tie but i felt like the outfit could do with a splash of colour so a red or even maroon tie i felt would look great with this outfit an bring it all together.  
i have really enjoyed putting this post together as it has allowed me to be extremely creative and get my fashion opinions across.
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