Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bloggers Love LFW Experience & Gifts.

After a long day of being at Somerset House. I was invited to Bloggers Love LFW event. The event was held under one of the arches in Hoxton just next to the station.

The venue area had a lot of potential and i could definitely imagine a small fashion show being held there. Natural brick work and white walls, you could really do something magical with it.

Thankyou to Eleanor Rose from Capturing me indulging into my gift bag.
White turtle neck: Asos
Grey Cardigan: Primark

Although the room looks quite full in the image above it was far worse when i arrived making it impossible to see the various brands & bloggers. However throughout the evening spaced cleared which helped.


As it was a gifting lounge event, i had high expectations. Some of them were met and others were not. I received some interesting gifts from the various stalls but i expected there to be more brands and also more variety. There was a great deal of jewellery and skincare which is fabulous at times but something a little more edgy and characteristic may have been nice. 

One person that i had waited half an hour to see but was too late: Willa Gebbie who was sketching attendees clothing & style. Literally one of the most amazing pieces of work i have seen at one of the events. I look forward to hopefully receiving my own sketch. 
@willagebbie - Via twitter

I received the following and thnakyou to all brands involved: 

Firstly i would like to add that the Laimon Fresh drinks featured above were probably one of the most memorable funny memories of my evening. With various of my blogger friends taking up to 10 bottles? Unfortunately i only got 4. Anyway this drink is basically a fizzy non-alcoholic Mohito in a bottle with all 100% natural ingredient. I must say if you add some crushed ice and vodka you are winning.

Secondly I received a Gold Collagen tester drink supply. Which with just a sip if you follow their steps and purchase a months supply. A 10-day supply is retailed at £35.99. Which they recommend you drink daily. 

Its believed to:
- Support skin hydration
- Reduce appearance of wrinkles 
- Support skin elasticity
- Reduce fine lines

The drink contains vitamins B6, C, E & Biotin. 
As well as your skin it also helps improve health to your hair & nails.


I have now entered my 20's which is believed to be the age you start ageing. The gifting lounge obviously knew this because i also received an Elemis 15ml Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich. 

This cream is to be applied daily and today is the first application. The scent of this cream is beautiful and refreshing. And i look forward to keeping my skin wrinkle free. 

Along with the cream i also received a 20% off voucher for future purchases online only. 


River clothing is a Manchester based clothing brand who were at Bloggers Love LFW event. The gentlemen was very friendly and i found out he lived literally round the corner from my home back in Manchester.  All the bloggers who i spoken too at the event were extremely interested and loved the simple T-shirts and black hats. 

The Matt black phone case has a great finish and is comfortable to hold. Thank you. 

Everyone loved the Graffiti style brown paper bags which the items came in. Overall great concept & designs. Best of luck to the whole team.

T H A N K Y O U     F O R     R E A D I N G

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

LFW 2015 Somerset House.


LFW is an exciting period for anyone who may pay attention to just any detail of it. For the first time ever i have been able to attend Somerset House just in time as LFW AW15 finished today (24th Feb)

I didn't really know what to expect. I have seen videos and photos that had been taken in such a beautiful courtyard.

On arrival i noticed just how many photographers, bloggers and street walkers were there. It was fairly busy. I couldn't imagine how busy Day1 would be. I just loved the vibe, the individual styles and unique garments that various people were wearing. The energy from the photographers. Being approached for pictures. People were taking photos of everyone and everything.

I was shocked when people asked to take my photo. At one point the barrel of a lens was on my shoes. All in all an extremely fantabulous extravagant experience. I am so annoyed I've never had the chance to just go up for the day before. Work & University have always gotten in the way.

Tuesday 24th February 2015 #LFW

Although it was a fab experience it was probably a bad idea to wear a Cardigan in weather that felt -3. A good cuppa always helps. 

Cardigan -Primark £14
Grey Long/S top- H&M £19.99
Trousers- Topman £34
Belt- Ralph Lauren
Pouch- Burberry
Shoes- Christian Louboutin £315

Chanice was my company for the day. Sporting her Louis Vuitton Never full tote bag and Warehouse coat.

T H A N K Y O U     F O R     R E A D I N G